While Others Talk We Act

We challenge the status quo to solve our clients’ most challenging problems and to serve our community and our country. We know that how we do business is as important as the business we do. Clarity’s commitment and integrity have been recognized through awards, and the desire of customers and other businesses to partner with us.


Software Engineering

Clarity software engineers have extensive experience in the design, development and deployment of software solutions for the DoD and IC. We pride ourselves on developing solutions that deliver mission outcomes, and several of our software solutions are used by multiple intelligence agencies. Our technical staff's extensive experience in the development of intelligence value estimation solutions through rapid prototyping allows intelligence analysts to glean the most critical knowledge from vast amounts of structured and unstructured data - we were doing Big Data before it was cool.


Systems Engineering

Our system engineers are renown for engineering innovative, high quality and cost-effective solutions to satisfy unique technology challenges and complex business problems. Clarity pursues a “back-to-basics” mindset regarding our technical approach, which couples the right technical domain expertise with rapid technology insertion to consistently deliver game changing results that matter. The vast majority of our system engineers were formally analysts and have a keen sense for gathering and translating functional requirements that provide for a richer user experience and more efficient workflows.


Intelligence Analysis

As both government and industry face rapidly evolving threats from cyber criminals, terrorists and other hostile groups, their responses must be equally sophisticated. To ensure our clients stay ahead of threats, we are developing new tradecraft techniques to gather, process, visualize, analyze and report on critical information necessary to support our clients' core mission objectives and protect their infrastructure. Clarity's unique understanding of the analytic challenges facing our clients enables us to develop trustworthy and reliable solutions faster and far more cost-effectively than our competitors.


Rapid Prototyping

We believe that visual perception is the key to the success or failure of a user-facing application. Every solution we build starts with the experience of our users and how they interact with the features in the product. Interface-driven development Clarifies the system requirements for the engineer and increases the likelihood of user acceptance. This allows for rapid development that meets the immediate and future needs with fewer development hours. We maintain an agile stance throughout the development lifecycle and can flex resources accordingly to align with the evolution of priorities.



Whether your analysts or operators need to perform their duties from the strategic level or tactical operations in denied areas, we have access to a cadre of instructors that provide tailored training and exercise support using state-of-the-art tools and methodologies for realistic operational scenarios in a Live Environment Training (LET) setting.  Our instructors offer a wide range of courses for entry to advanced level blocks of instruction focused on Cyber, Intelligence Analysis and Computer Network Operations (CNO).


Value Added Reseller

We are a value added reseller for select products in which we believe and that we have deployed and used first hand in an operational environment.  Most of the products that we sell support IT efficiency and data center consolidation accomplished via high performance computing (HPC) and virtualization hardware and software. We pride ourselves in being the honest broker and doing the due diligence to recommend products that would be of value to our customers and further our engineering efforts.


Clarity Innovations knows that our employees are our greatest asset and the face of our company. We also know that there is more to life than just work. We are a family oriented company and feel that a proper work/life balance is in everyone’s best interest — it leads to happier employees on and off the clock. This philosophy is facilitated through our compensation and comprehensive benefits packages.

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