What We Offer

We share a belief in Innovation and Service. Innovation to fight for the user experience through heuristic, flexible design. Service to the mission and our customer through high impact, modular, low maintenance solutions.  

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Thought Leadership

To engineer singular meandingful solutions, we explore risk, create tools, and invent tradecraft. We earn repeat business through dedication to our mission and by adding value to our customers' systems and business practices.

Clarity seeks technology solutions that improve the way our customers do their work. We are building the next generation of tools and tradecraft for use in analysis and operations. We hire experts whose firsthand knowledge in our client’s domains enables them to fight for the user and impact mission. We have thought leadership in social media, online advertising methodologies, and other open source data acquisition.

Advanced Visualization

We synthesize streaming traditional and social media data into highly intuitive visualizations. Our experts include former analysts and field operators who fight for the user and to positively impact mission.

As end users ourselves, we understand the importance of useful visualization in the meaningful interpretation of data. Useful visualization is timely. We use streaming data and predictive analytics to deliver near real-time results. Because it improves the user’s experience, we advocate single-pane dash boards with deep dive and ad-hoc querying capabilities. We are also proponents of trend detection coupled with change-alerting to notify users of patterns within their data. We build user interfaces that feel familiar, so adoption is quick and work is effective.



Data Science

Clarity seeks technology solutions that improve the way our customers do their work. Our experts mine current and historical data to discover new insights and feed visualization and new tradecraft.

We help our customers connect the dots. Our domain experts delve into data to find and interpret rich data sources. They provide necessary input in generating visualizations and in communicating discoveries with customers. We support their rapid analysis with iterative workflows and flexible resources. In turn, they provide our customers with a new and deeper understanding of the data. Our work in data science includes machine learning, predictive analytics, uncertainty modeling, and high performance computing.

Rapid Prototyping

We rooted our systems and software engineering approach in quickly making ideas testable. Our small teams business model provides value through accountability, scalability, and effective use of resources.

Clarity believes in doing more with less. We champion low cost, low risk efforts that rapidly show concepts and effectiveness. Our System and Software Engineering solutions deliver on customer requirements because we involve users from planning through to maintenance. Long time proponents of doing what works, Clarity has adopted the DevOps practices of Continuous Integration and Delivery, and Automated Testing. Our investment in unclassified development with highly successful low-to-high transfer methods provides our developers access to commercial grade tools and our customers with security conscious solutions and lower overall costs.


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Analytics and Automation

We build smart systems that adapt quickly to new actionable insights. We use automation and drive system optimization through metrics to deliver robust, highly scalable solutions.

By automating repeatable processes, our customers see improved speed and accuracy of returns. Our smart systems notifies users when system operation exceeds established thresholds. Our smart systems are force-multipliers. Intelligent filtering on ingested data allows us to setup proactive alerting, reducing querying and freeing analysts to make new discoveries. Those new discoveries can be quickly added into the flexible analytic framework, providing a Clear Advantage.


Using state-of-the-art tools and methodologies for realistic operational scenarios in a Live Environment Training setting, we offer a wide range of courses in Cyber, Intelligence Analysis, and Computer Network Operations. Our instructors provide tailored training and exercise support for efforts from strategic level to tactical operations in denied areas.


We are also a value added reseller for select products we have used in operational environments and in which we believe. Most of the products we sell support IT efficiency and data center consolidation accomplished via HPC and virtualization. We make recommendations based on adding value to customers’ goals and practices.


Although in its infancy, our product development lab is producing results that have sparked enthusiasm among business and IC customers. We are developing a multi-ingest tool for assessing streaming traditional and social media feeds in near real-time that opens up new possibilities for data collection, intelligence gathering, and synthesis.