Clarity Innovations

About Us

Our Story

Building on their background in SIGINT and software development, Clarity's founders saw a need for user-friendly tools to better meet mission needs.

Recognizing that people are the most important part of any company, they invested in principles and work that empower and support employees and end users. They set up a positive feedback loop where Clarity takes care of employees and employees take care of the customer and the customer looks to Clarity for solutions. Ten years and 120 employees later, Clarity remains true to these values and competencies.


Our Partners

Clarity chooses to forge connections with companies whose values and methods align with ours, reflecting the need for digital transformation and automation within our customers’ ecosystems. Our partners demonstrate a focus on delivering secure, reliable, and resilient products that end users love through Human-Centered Design and Agile delivery methods. Because harmony between contractors is essential to effective delivery, we promote a “badgeless” approach where ideas and talent are valued above logos. We are proud to partner with many companies in our sector and continue to grow our connections and foster long-term relationships

As members of the Digital Services Coalition (DSC), a group of small businesses with demonstrated digital transformation practices, Clarity has strong connections to like-minded small businesses.